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SUMMER SANDLOT baseball registration is OPEN!

Dulles Little League Ashburn, Virginia

Seasons/Days of Play


Fall season - The season will run from the middle/end of August through October for Single A - Juniors.  T-ball, Instructional Rookie & Rookie divisions will start after Labor Day. 

Spring season - Practices are expected to begin around the end of March.  The older divisions (Single A - Seniors) will start first and the younger divisions (Tee-ball, IR & Rookie) about a week later.  The start date is subject to change based on the weather and when Loudoun County PRCS open the county fields.  The spring season will end in early June. Single-elimination playoff games begin in late May for all teams in the Single A - Majors divisions, culminating with one DLL World Series game for each division. Tee-ball, IR, & Rookie will end the first week in June.

In addition:

  • Weeknight practices and games will generally start at 5:30pm or 6:00pm.
  • Game times on Saturday could be at 9:00am, 10:30 am, 12:00pm, 2:30pm or 5:00pm
  • Scheduled days and times of play are subject to change depending on number of players/teams, field availability, holidays, and rainouts.
  • All dates are subject to change based on weather/field conditions and field availability.


Here are the probable days of play by division for the season. This information is subject to change at the discretion of the DLL Board of Directors based on field allocations and the number of projected teams.

 Division Probable Days/Nights of Play
 Seniors/Juniors TBD
 MajorsPractice on Thursday
Games on Tuesdays and Saturday (Friday nights in Spring depending on enrollment)
 AAAPractice on Monday
Games on Wednesday and Saturday
 AAPractice on Tuesday
Games on Thursday and Saturday
 Single APractice on Wednesday
Games on Monday and Saturday
 RookiePractice on Thursday
Games on Tuesday and Saturday
 Instructional RookiePractice on Friday
Games on Tuesday and Saturday
 Tee BallGames on Wednesday and Saturday
 Challengers Games on Saturdays

Player Assignments

During a DLL Fall season, all players are assigned to divisions and teams by DLL Player Agents. Team assignment notifications are made via email in late August.

During a DLL Spring season, teams in the Single A, AA, AAA, Majors, Juniors and Seniors divisions are formed via a draft (managers select from available players).  Any player who is registered for a specific division, but not drafted in that division, will be placed in the next lower division's draft (Ex: A player who is registered for AAA but not drafted will be placed in the AA draft).  Any player registered for Single A and not drafted will be placed on a Rookie team. Players in T-ball, Instructional Rookie & Rookie divisions are assigned to teams by DLL Player Agents after all the drafts are completed. Team assignment notifications are made via email in mid-March.

Teammate/Manager Requests:

DLL does allow participants in the lower divisions (T-Ball, Instructional Rookie & Rookie) to request one or two teammates for carpooling purposes during registration. While those requests will be reviewed and considered, we cannot guarantee that requests will be granted.

In the spring, teams in the upper divisions (Single A, AA, AAA, Majors, Juniors, Seniors) are formed by drafts, so requests for teammates in those divisions will not be considered during a spring season. Teammate requests for players in the upper divisions for a fall season will be considered but are not guaranteed, especially if a request will unfairly effect the competitive balance of the teams in the opinion of DLL Player Agents.

Since managers are not selected until just before the season starts, DLL does not allow participants to request a specific manager.
Waitlist Policy:

Once the regular, on-time registration period ends, DLL's online waitlist will open and remain open indefinitely at the discretion of the DLL Board of Directors. Players added to the waitlist are not guaranteed placement on a team.  Before accepting your player from the waitlist, we will contact you to ensure your player is still interested and available to play. If you agree to have your player accepted from the waitlist, any late registration fees will apply.

DLL Player Agents will determine which players, if any, we are able to accept from our waitlist. Players are not necessarily accepted from the waitlist on a "first come, first served" basis. A player will only be placed in a division appropriate for his skill level, which the Player Agents determine according to age, playing experience, previous divisions played, past coach evaluations, and tryout results. When choosing between waitlist candidates with similar qualifications, number of seasons played with DLL is also considered. In short, we strive to give players the opportunity of a positive playing experience, while minding the interests of the affected team(s) and the league overall.

DLL always tries to accommodate as many players as possible, constrained by field allocations and the number of teams/managers we have in each division. Waitlisted players will be contacted for payment if/when we determine that we'll be able to assign that waitlisted player to a team. It is impossible for us to predict if/when we'll be able to accommodate a waitlisted player, since roster spots will only become available due to a player drop, or if we determine that we'll be able to add an additional team.


Dulles Little League will provide each player with a jersey and hat for their respective team.  Our older division teams (Single A, AA, AAA, Majors, Juniors and Seniors) are assigned current MLB teams, and our younger divisions (T-ball, Instructional Rookie, & Rookie) are current MiLB teams. 

Parents will need to provide the following items for their player:

  • Baseball glove
  • Baseball bat - must meet USA Baseball bat standard for T-ball through Majors
  • Baseball helmet - must have a protective face cage for Tee ball/IR/Rookie levels
  • Protective athletic cup for all male players
  • Baseball pants 

Optional items for players are:

  • Baseball cleats - Molded or plastic only, NO METAL spikes allowed for T-ball through Majors
  • Baseball belt and socks
  • Baseball bag

The items above can be purchased online, or locally at Dick’s Sporting Goods (new gear) or Play It Again Sports (used/new gear), depending on inventory.  

Please reach out to your coach or the DLL player agents  if you have any questions, or are not able to provide the items above. 


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