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SUMMER SANDLOT baseball registration is OPEN!

Dulles Little League Ashburn, Virginia

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Aug, 2023

Umpire registration available now!

Do you enjoy baseball?

Are you interested in earning some extra money?

Would you like to add solid work experience to your resume, which may improve your chance of getting into your #1 college choice or landing a full-time job?

If you said yes to any of these questions, then you should umpire for Dulles Little League.  All of you played little league (either past or currently) and you know what a difference it makes to have good umpires on the field.  Umpiring for Dulles Little League is a tremendous opportunity to contribute to your community and serve as a role model for the kids.  You will also earn money for your efforts.

Here are some frequently asked questions, that should help you feel comfortable with your decision.

I have never umpired before…am I qualified?

Anyone league age 12 and above this year is eligible to umpire.  We will make sure you have the training and support necessary to be successful.  All umpires with less than two years of experience are required to attend one of our training sessions before each season.  Our training sessions for the Fall will be held in the next few weeks and by registering today, you will be placed on our email list and receive further updates about the dates and times.

How much will I get paid?

We pay home plate umpires $35 and field umpires $30 per game.  If you umpire a game by yourself, we will pay you $50.

What divisions would I umpire and when are those games scheduled?

All new umpires start with Single A games.  Before moving up to a higher division, we require that you have experience at your current division and show you are capable of moving up.  I will come watch you work and we will work together to determine when you are ready to advance.

Single A games are on Monday and Saturday, AA games are on Thursday and Saturday, AAA games are on Wednesday and Saturday and Majors games are on Tuesday and Friday.

I don’t have any equipment, do I need to buy anything and how much is it?

All fields are equipped with masks, chest protectors and shin guards for the home plate umpire to use during the game.  We pay for an umpire shirt, umpire hat, ball bag, ball/strike indicator and brush, which costs us about $80, and ask you to pay us $40 to cover a portion of the cost.  You can use the equipment year after year, so once you buy it you won’t have to pay for it again.  You will need to wear dark blue or black pants and black shoes during games.

How long does the game typically last?

The game usually lasts about two hours and you need to arrive about thirty minutes before it starts to check the field, the equipment and to meet with the coaches.

How does umpiring improve my resume?

Being a Little League Umpire is a job and demonstrates your willingness to give back to your community, both of which are qualities that colleges and employers value.  As with any job, there are responsibilities that you will undertake, including being on time for games, being prepared, helping teach the players the rules of baseball, etc.  By umpiring a little league game, you will have to make quick decisions and think on your feet.  You will have to communicate with adults (coaches), as well as players.  You will also learn patience, especially when working the younger divisions. 

Above all, you will learn how your efforts on the field translate into creating life long memories for our kids.

Ok, you have convinced me to be an umpire.  How do I register?

We are using a new web provider, so the process is a little bit different going forward.  Please go to and create an account using your email address (not your parent’s).  Once that is done, please email me at [email protected] and I will add you to our Umpire Group.  Please ask your parents to add their information to your account as well.  This will allow both of you to receive emails from me about training and other important information.

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