Dulles Little League, Ashburn Youth Baseball

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Registration Overview

League Age: Please note that all ages listed below are League Ages, which are determined by Little League International's guidelines.  

View the new Players Age chart here to determine your player's League Age.

The Little League International Board of Directors adjusted the ages for eligibility starting this coming year in order to modify the impact on all of our minor and major division players. The adjustment also allows for an easier transition for players in the early years of Little League participation.


Eligibility: Be sure to review DLLs Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs/Help) concerning eligibility, league boundaries, league structure/divisions, and other important information before registering your player. If you have any questions about DLL, email DLL's Registration Coordinator at .


How to Register Online: Please enter this information as accurately and completely as possible to help ensure proper placement of your player. Browse the FAQ web pages of the DLL website for information about how players are evaluated and assigned to divisions and teams.

If you've forgotten your password or are not sure you have one, click the “Forgot Password” link and simply type in your email address only. The system will email you a new password. If the email entered is not associated with your account, it will allow you to start a new account by entering your guardian's info and then the children's info. (Note that if you have several emails associated with your account, any one of them will pull up your account.)

If you've played or volunteered for DLL in the past, your info is in the system. To avoid duplicate accounts for your household and to ensure your player's history remains intact, please contact the registration director if your information does not appear and we will get your account assigned to your current email. What we've typically found is that an old email is listed for your account and all that needs to be done is add the new email.Normally this will be done within a few hours.


Website Issues: If the registration system says there is an issue with cookies on your computer, or nothing happens when you try to login to the DLL website, reference the FAQs -> Website for further instructions.


Volunteers: At least one parent is required to select one or more volunteer roles at the time of registration. Please consider donating some of your time to benefit your player and DLL. It is especially important for planning purposes that all Team Manager applicants complete their online application on or before January 1 for the upcoming Spring Season and August 1 for Fall Season.


Registration Fee:

Registration Dates

1st Player

Additional Players


Regular Registration

(Nov 13 - Dec 31)


$200 for additional players

Summer Regular Registration
(May 15 - July 1)
$50 $50 for additional players
Fall Regular Registration
(July 11 - August 23)
$135 $110 for additional players


DLL has a policy to consider reducing or waiving the registration fee for participants who would be unable to play otherwise. Contact the league board members (registration@dulleslittleleague.org) prior to registration to request a Financial Scholarship.


Registration and Payment: Dulles Little League accepts only online registration and payment. You may register during open registration by visiting our website and clicking on the registration link. Our registration system accepts VISA, Mastercard and American Express credit cards.

All sensitive data is properly encrypted once you login to the DLL website. DLL's registration system is setup to accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express credit cards. If you are unable to use a credit card for payment, please contact the registration coordinator (registration@dulleslittleleague.org). More information on the security of this registration process can be found under FAQs->Registration.

Once Registered, You will receive an automated registration confirmation email from notification@LeagueAthletics.com. If you don't receive your email confirmation, check your spam and/or junk email folders.


Player Assignments: Reference FAQs -> League Operation for an overview of how players are assigned to divisions and teams.

During a DLL Fall season, all players are assigned to divisions and teams by DLL Player Agents. Team assignment notifications are made via email in late August.

During a DLL Spring season, teams in the Single A, AA, AAA, Majors, Juniors and Seniors divisions are formed via a draft (managers select from available players). Players in all other divisions are assigned to divisions and teams by DLL Player Agents after all the drafts are completed. Team assignment notifications are made via email in mid-March.

Teammate/Manager Requests: DLL does allow participants in the lower divisions (T-Ball, Instructional Rookie & Rookie) to request one or two teammates for carpooling purposes during registration. While those requests will be reviewed and considered, we cannot guarantee that requests will be granted.

In the Spring, teams in the upper divisions (Single A, AA, AAA, Majors, Juniors, Seniors) are formed by drafts, so requests for teammates in those divisions will not be considered during a Spring season. Teammate requests for players in the upper divisions for a Fall season will be considered but are not guaranteed, especially if a request will unfairly effect the competitive balance of the teams in the opinion of DLL Player Agents.

Since managers are not selected until just before the season starts, DLL no longer allows participants to request a specific manager.


Waitlist Policy:

Once the regular, on-time registration period ends, DLL's online waitlist will open and remain open indefinitely at the discretion of the DLL Board of Directors. Before accepting your player from the waitlist, we will contact you to ensure your player is still interested and available to play. If you agree to have your player accepted from the waitlist, the registration fees will be those outlined above

Players who are added to the waitlist are not guaranteed placement on a team. Before accepting your player from the waitlist, we will contact you to ensure your player is still interested and available to play. If you agree to have your player accepted from the waitlist, any late registration fees will apply.

DLL Player Agents will determine which players, if any, we are able to accept from our waitlist. Players are not necessarily accepted from the waitlist on a "first come, first served" basis. A player will only be placed in a division appropriate for his skill level, which the Player Agents determine according to age, playing experience, previous divisions played, past coach evaluations, and tryout results. When choosing between waitlist candidates with similar qualifications, number of seasons played with DLL is also considered. In short, we strive to give players the opportunity of a positive playing experience, while minding the interests of the affected team(s) and the league overall.

DLL always tries to accommodate as many players as possible, constrained by field allocations and the number of teams/managers we have in each division. Waitlisted players will be contacted for payment if/when we determine that we'll be able to assign that waitlisted player to a team. It is impossible for us to predict if/when we'll be able to accommodate a waitlisted player, since roster spots will only become available due to a player drop, or if we determine that we'll be able to add an additional team.


Birth Certificates: DLL requires all players to provide copies of birth certificates to verify age eligibility to play in the league. The league will keep all copies of birth certificates on hand until the player reaches League Age 16, at which time the documents will be destroyed.

For American birth certificates, the copy needs to include the official raised seal. Photocopies of birth certificates can be uploaded during registration, emailed to , or mailed to: Dulles Little League, ATTN: Birth Cert, PO Box 946, Ashburn, VA 20146.


Refund Policy

In an effort to help stabilize team rosters, control disruptions (caused by ineligible player registrations, player drops and withdrawals), and to account for payment processing fees, DLL has adopted the following refund policy. This refund policy applies to each player regardless of the reason for the player drop or withdrawal, and includes players who register with DLL but are later found to be ineligible due to League Age and/or because they reside outside of our boundaries.


Fall Season:

  • Drop, withdraw, or be found ineligible to play in DLL on or before the close of the regular, on-time registration date: Refund is amount paid minus $25.

  • Drop, withdraw, or be found ineligible to play in DLL on or after the close of Fall registration date: No refund.

Spring Season:

  • Drop, withdraw, or be found ineligible to play in DLL before the first day of Player Evaluations: Refund is amount paid minus $50.

  • Drop, withdraw, or be found ineligible to play in DLL on or after the first day of Player Evaluations but before the first draft date: Refund is amount paid minus $75.

  • Drop, withdraw, or be found ineligible to play in DLL on or after the first draft date: No refund.

All refund requests must be sent to the DLL Registration Coordinator (registration@dulleslittleleague.org). Refunds will be credited back to the credit card used for player registration. All refunds for the will be processed once registration closes for the current season.