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A great man, a kind soul, a baseball friend
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Subject: A great man, a kind soul, a baseball friend
Posted by: Mel Martinez of <a href='http://dulleslittleleague.org' target='_blank'>dulleslittleleague.org</a>
Jeff will be a friend dearly missed that we competed against, then played together as partners(Riverdog Gray team and our memorable trip to Florida coaching with walkie-talkies), and then he went on to DLL to contribute his incredible talent to the success of this great Little League. We would get into heated debates over which Yankee teams were the greatest and he always made his point with that great baseball intellect of his with a kind grace. I will always regret not spending more time with you my friend, but your memory will always invoke feelings of fondness and baseball. May you rest in peace and I hope God gives you great seats behind the plate up there. God Bless you and your family.  
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A great man, a kind soul, a baseball friend  Mel Martinez   9 Years ago